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Although TPPG is an SME, we don’t believe that this limits the business from making a difference. There are currently no statutory requirements for us to create an ESG Policy but the directors and employees feel strongly that by agreeing a policy, it will lead us in a direction that will improve our ESG credentials and this can only be seen as a positive step for the business, the community around us and the wider world. Whatever the size of a business, we can all support the development of more sustainable methods of carrying out business.

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We recognise our main opportunities for positive change are within the use of energy resources, procedures for waste management, and impact and efforts toward slowing climate change. Carbon emissions through travel are our main impact on the environment. TPPG relies on cars to travel to and from our office and client meetings throughout the working week. As a business, we have now committed to using internet based video calls to meet clients whenever possible. When a face-to-face meeting is required, we have agreed to only travel by train to London and, when practical, to all other parts of the country. We have also agreed to gradually replace our existing car stock with electric or hybrid vehicles and 50% of our vehicles now comply. We also encourage remote working, especially for those employees who live furthest from the office to reduce car usage.

Waste is generated from our offices, and we have nominated a recycling ambassador. All plastic, tin and paper waste are recycled. We have agreed and are implementing a ban on single use plastic across the business. We have provided a carbonator for use by all staff with reusable bottles. We have agreed a ban on coffee capsules, both aluminium and plastic and purchased a coffee grinder with all waste coffee being composted. We have agreed to use email, scanning and other digital means before printing in hard copy. All directors have been provided with laptops so that screens can be used for presenting work and plans to clients without the need to print. If printing cannot be avoided, we use FSC-certified papers and avoid petroleum-based inks and recycle our empty cartridges.


Although we have a limited number of employees, we recognise that we must act in a socially responsible manner. Our business should remain a rewarding and safe place in which to work. All directors are offered benefits including, but not limited to private health cover, life assurance cover and paid holiday days / sick leave. We aim to continue to support the communities in which we operate including local schools, charities, sports clubs and places of worship. All directors are encouraged to demonstrate an 'open door policy' and to ensure a 'no blame culture' across TPPG. With less than 10 members of staff we appreciate that a full spectrum of diversity and inclusion is challenging but we have agreed to strive for greater diversity, to create a culture of belonging and trust, to prioritise employee health and wellbeing and also to strengthen the ESG skills of our staff, free from discrimination and harassment.


Good governance goes beyond having the right policies and procedures in place. We have agreed to embed compliance in our day-to-day work. From completing training on time to actively understanding how regulations affect our work, good governance starts from the individual acting ethically. Referring to policies and procedures instead of taking shortcuts is fundamental. We are always on the look out for red flags in relation to compliance failures, especially in Money Laundering. We have agreed not to be afraid to call out poor behaviour or report failures. We cannot thrive and improve without paying attention to our obligations.

Our small business seeks to go beyond the concept of ‘box-ticking’ and embed compliance within everything we do on a day to day basis, and the directors agree to uphold the responsibilities of their RICS accreditations. Our focus is to promote strong oversight, transparency and risk management ensuring the resilience and long-term preservation of the reputation and value of our business. We will mitigate risk exposure and we are committed to high ethical standards that promotes a culture of integrity. We cultivate strong stakeholder relationships through transparency and we establish clear and effective governance for ESG, set goals and establish accountability through our directors.

We have agreed to present a summary of our ESG policy to our business consultant annually. This report will highlight progress and failings within the three areas of Environmental, Social and Governance and provide a list of actions and targets for the following year to ensure continuous improvement. The action list will be approved by the directors and circulated to all staff.

Health and Safety

The Company’s comprehensive Health and Safety Policy ensures an appropriate organisational structure is in place and that there is adequate control of health and safety risks. Management ensure suitable information, instruction and training is provided to all employees.


To ensure we conduct business with the highest standards of honesty and integrity, we have a clear reporting process for employees to report any concerns or malpractice and to facilitate a more open and honest working environment. People who raise issues of concern will be treated with respect and will be assured that the matter will be properly investigated, and the necessary steps taken.

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